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Toronto Redi-Mix is extremely excited to be part of a new innovative concrete application in Ontario called pervious concrete. This is a special type of sand-free concrete made with light weight aggregates and a range of polymers that create very unique, strong bonding. It is a cement-based polymer material that can solve all drainage and moisture problems in many different sports, such as golf, equestrian, and sports fields. It has a superior lifetime and strength value, and it is the most sustainable construction material for sports drainage and moisture control available. We teamed up with Allturf Ltd. to supply the specialized concrete mix with this product. Below are images of the application process on a local golf course bunker.

Solving the challenges facing a bunker, the pervious concrete system improves drainage, irrigation, and is resistant to wash-outs from heavy rainfalls. In addition, the system prevents sand contamination from both stones and soil. Now golf course managers and maintenance crews can achieve total moisture control of their bunkers and have the ability to keep almost vertical bunker faces covered in sand and firm while avoiding plugged golf balls occurring. This can all be achieved without having to manually apply water from the top.

Here are some advantages of pervious concrete for golf course sand bunkers:


·         Better playing conditions in any weather for the golf player. Easier for less skilled golfers to get out of bunkers, shorter round times and an overall more enjoyable round of golf.

·         Fewer problems and issues for the golf course maintenance crew. No more large, sudden wash-outs that need immediate attention and create unsightly course conditions, and much less work to create perfect conditions.

·         Financially superior solution for the golf course owners. No other product can match pervious concretes return on investment. With the ability to deliver value and great conditions, the investment will pay for itself in a few years and attract more golfers to these courses.


Toronto Redi-Mix is continuously leading the way with innovation in the concrete industry, always looking for new ways to be part of concrete technologies and advancements in Ontario.