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Working with Ready-Mix concrete is affected by weather and requires special precautions to ensure proper handling, placing, finishing and curing of the freshly placed concrete.

Hot weather alone or in combination with high wind and dry air can produce a rapid moisture loss from the surface of the concrete, accelerate set, decrease air content and reduce strength. In some cases high humidity “may” offset some of these concerns.

Extreme cold weather also requires attention to the process. Concrete will lose moisture and heat rapidly in cold weather which will affect its setting time, strength and long term durability.

In addition to professional on-site practices such as warming the subgrade in cold weather OR dampening the sub-grade in hot weather, it is highly recommended that the following best practices are adhered to in order to ensure a desired end result:

Schedule your ready-mix truck orders in a manner that allow for the most efficient use – adjust your schedule accordingly, well in advance during hotter or colder weather conditions to minimize waiting time and avoid unforeseen added expenses.

Provide a sufficient work force to eliminate any delays during construction, thereby accommodating any changes due to variances in temperature and to coincide with your deliveries. Add extra workers on hot, dry days.

In some cases, during extreme weather conditions, consider early morning, evening or nighttime concrete placement.