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Ready-Mix Concrete is a combination of sand, stone, cement, water and a variety of possible additives depending on the desired properties. The process of creating this "mix" forms a product that is liquid enough to be poured, formed, and molded, yet strong and durable enough to build bridges and skyscrapers when hard. The end use will determine the style and desired strength of the concrete while the careful proportioning of ingredients by a qualified ready-mix concrete supplier will ensure the beauty and strength of the concrete when applied properly.

Aggregates comprise up to 75 percent of the volume of a concrete mix and therefore are very important. The size and type of aggregates chosen will depend on the final application for the concrete. Additionally, clean quality aggregate will ensure a quality ready-mix product. A typical concrete mixture will contain cement, aggregates, water and additives. Colours and fibre may also be added to the mixture for various applications (example: coloured concrete driveways).

Toronto Redimix uses the highest standards of control and the latest advancements in ready-mix batching technologies to ensure an unsurpassed level of quality.